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Look for the VIN. It is typically found on the inside of the driver's door jamb and windshield.


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Enter the VIN into search box. Hit "continue" and wait for the system to find the VIN in the database.


Step 3: Get Vehicle History.

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How to Check Car Sales Report by VIN Number?

You can freely search cars by VIN codes from our database which has over 1 million vehicles on Our car sales report includes all details of Copart, IAAI, Emirates Auction and Dubai Cars. When purchasing a car at auction, you can learn more about it with the aid of our service.

Search and Get Your Auction Vehicle History Report.

Type your car VIN in search vehicle by VIN Number box and submit. You will get most accurate car history report with Vehicle Specification Information like VIN engine specification, Trim, Steering Type, Tank Size, Transmission, Model, Fuel Type, Body Style, Vehicle Type etc.

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